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Who Are We?

At Mercury Globe we work with companies, manufacturers and individuals to move their organization forward through optimized, state of the art IT and tech solutions. With offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East we provide a wide range of IT services and solutions to our varied client base. The global tech market is advancing at a dizzying pace and businesses have to adapt to keep up with new challenges as they emerge. At Mercury Globe we keep pace of developments as they happen in order to provide our customers with innovative solutions.

Mercury Globe provides an end-to-end service package to a multi-sectoral client base. We offer comprehensive IT solutions including networking, telecom, computing and backup services to our clients. We work hand in hand with our clients to learn and define their needs.

Over the years we have worked with a range of clients covering many sectors, from retail businesses, and the service sector, through to industry leaders such as Vodaphone and T- Mobile, as well as government departments, on major IT infrastructure projects.

Mercury Globe
Mercury Globe

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the trusted go-to IT solution provider, and to introduce and install technologies that act as growth drivers for our clients.

Our mission is to provide a superior service package, with premium technology solutions, whilst remaining cost-effective.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly proficient and experienced personnel, including IT and tech specialists, project managers, coding experts, business managers, as well as our administrative staff. They are well versed in managing complex projects, working with sub-contractors and staff, while keeping track of every stage of the project's progress. Why not get in touch with us today and find out how Mercury Globe can help provide your business with an IT solution tailored to your specific requirements


Years of experience in IT Services & Solutions


Mercury Globe offers you:

A highly experienced team

When you work with us you work with the best; the best programmers & coders, systems architects, network professionals, project managers, engineers, planners, etc.

Personalized solutions

You can be sure that the solution we provide has been fine-tuned by our experts to perfection to suit your organization's particular requirements.

End-to-end service package

Our professionals offer you an ongoing, long- lasting service package covering all aspects of your project requirements, from concept to realization and beyond, with ongoing help desk and upgrades available to keep your systems up to date, in pace with any future tech advances, as and when they occur.

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Our Services & Solutions

Mercury Globe is proud to offer you a variety of services aimed at providing your organization with optimal solutions for your IT requirements.

Consulting Services

Mercury Globe's expert team is on hand to provide you with a range of consulting services designed to streamline and improve your IT operations. This includes defining your IT strategy and methodologies, improving your resilience against cyber threats, planning secure payment and transaction systems, increasing your organization's flexibility to adapt to ever-changing technologies, improving your CRM practices, defining requirements for physical and cloud-based systems, as well as defining your supply chain management systems.

End-To-End IT Solutions

At Mercury Globe we are proud to supply our clients with a comprehensive, end-to-end tech service, irrespective of their business sector; whether you are from the retail, financial, manufacturing, telecom, entertainment, or whatever sector, we'll tailor your solution to suit your specific requirements. Our range of services includes developing and integrating the optimal architectural frameworks, infrastructure design & optimization, IT modernization, cyber security, data center optimization, on-site & off-site data storage and backup systems solutions, cloud infrastructure, system integration, legacy platform conversion, QA testing, help desk, service integration, cloud integration, and more.

New Tech Solutions

At Mercury Globe we keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest tech developments. We offer you a choice of new tech solutions to bring your organization to the cutting edge of technology. These solutions include; analytics and data management, Al-based solutions, IOT, UI/UX, social media management, blockchain tech and business applications, automation, sensors, robotics, smart manufacturing, cognitive computing, big data applications, and more.

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